Here at the NT Scooter Club we love riding scooters. With this, we are always trying to find a way to put some excitement into our love. And with archery, we certainly did! We have found a way to do more than just move – we can now play some games while riding. Don’t get me wrong… you probably won’t last long after you begin to draw your longbow, but that is where the training comes in.

Learning to take your hands off the scooter bars to balance can take a lot of work. Without the balance of the bar, a scooter rides pretty uneven, especially if the bars aren’t stable and pull the front wheel to certain directions. Often, you may be left leaning in a certain direction. This can give you a time limit when you are lining up your shot.

The first step will be to learn which way your scooter leans. By doing this you can better balance on your base to give yourself a little extra time. Once you get comfortable with this then it is time to figure out how long it typically takes for the scooter to fall over. Once you get this down then you can start shooting. It will take a lot more effort on your part to aim this time. Being able to both balance and aim at the same time can be very hard. If you are into archery then doing something like this can seriously help steady your aim.

Once you are ready, get some targets out. It’s time for a little competition! Get a target board that has point values and pick out a number of shots. The closer you are to the center the more points you get. Have fun and enjoy a hard and difficult game!